I'll be drawing again soon, I promise!

Sorry for the lack of content lately, I've had a lot going on that put me into a creative dry spell. I'll be back at it soon!

Being older and more mature now, I can fully appreciate the Gorillaz, so here have a Murdoc. Unfortunately I drew him from a weird angle cause of the height of the table vs the chair, so it looks a bit better from that angle ;3; but at least i drew something

Wow, hello there

Thank you for following, wantering-dressed-in-red ! Your interest means a lot, thank you so much! <3

I&#8217;ve always wanted to really get into digital art, so this is just a shading practice. I only have a mouse to work with, so forgive my cruddy edges aaaa

I haven’t updated here in a long time because I haven’t been drawing lately, I’m so sorry, everyone. I’ve got a WIP right now, but it’s a challenge and will take some time to finish… Would anyone be interested in progress shots or anything?

This is from art class a couple years back. Doesn&#8217;t look very much like Benedict, but I&#8217;m still proud of it for my first&#8212;and thus far only&#8212;sculpture
I started designing her a long time ago and abandoned the idea, but she&#8217;s so cute&#8230;
Who I am; I won&#8217;t forget who I am.
Old request I did of my friend&#8217;s Chobits oc&#8212;the very same friend who beautifully colored one of my sketches for me all that time ago
Giant tropical centipedes share their territory with tarantulas.
Despite its impressive length, it’s a nimble navigator, and some can be highly venomous.
As quick as lightning, just like the tarantula it’s killing, the centipede has two curved, hollow fangs, which inject paralyzing venom.
Even tarantulas aren’t immune from an ambush.
This centipede… is a predator.
They had a pet dragonfly.
The dragonfly, it ran away,
but it came back with a story to say.
i love that song and just kinda had an inspiration. Google images for dragonfly reference. Aisu&#8217;s no good at insects uwah